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Featured TeachSheet

I hate it when I Google something as simple as a recipe and have to wade through seemingly countless paragraphs of introductory babble to find what I'm looking for.  It can be even worse when looking for simple answers to complex spiritual questions.  It's with this disdain for the muck, when mining for spiritual truths, that I present to you my newest platform for discipleship training: Teach Sheets! 

These little treasures are NOT books, ebooks, blogs, or lengthy essays.  They ARE however, brief, meaty and to-the-point teachings presented in visually pleasing formats and easy-to understand language.


The idea has been floating around in my brain for several years and has finally found its unique expression.  My desire was to offer concise teachings that boil-down often, complex spiritual topics into digestible, palatable pieces that can be consumed in just a few, short minutes.


So take a look around, and eat-up!, as more of these fun guys find their way to this page.  If you have an idea or suggested topic, or would be interested in collaborating with me to create a unique TeachSheet please contact me!

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