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Check out the new ministry we are developing called IRC. The website is in development and has not launched, but here is the link to the beta site, just click the icon. Enjoy the Introduction and the First 2 Chapters on me! Thanks for Subscribing! Click the Pic for your free PDF sample.


LATEST NEWSLETTER :: 12/30/2020 Grieving 2020, My Failures, Becoming a King ARCHIVES:: 9/30/2020 We Moved...Again, IRC, DBS 7/7/2020 The Last Reformation, Journey With..., and Being "Homeless" 3/31 Quarantine Exposed, What I'm Watching, Moses and the Mountain of God 2/29/2020 Must I Monetize?, A New Business, and Walking with the Father 1/27/20 A Name Change, Daddy Daycare, Tony Robbins, and Time Travel With the Gospels 11/30/2019: Practical Christian Mysticism, Building, Building, Building 10/25/19: Faith is a Quantum Material, Why Did We Stop Building Altars, My New Youtube Channel and More 09/24/19: Stephen King Said It, Two New Books, and End of the Year Resolutions and More 08/31/19: Wild Goose Chase, Italian Dinner Music, Re-Monk Revival, and More 07/22/19: In My Ears, From My Bookshelf, My New Website and More

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Friends, if you have not viewed or downloaded the DBS [Discovery Bible Study] manual, please avail yourself to this FREE resource. Take it, use it, copy it, and spread it to your friends and loved ones. This amazing way of approaching the scripture and forming small groups for discipleship will change the world!

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