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Why Mary Matters: EXPANDED EDITION now Available! Also in PAPERBACK!

Friends, I'm excited to announce that my flagship book, Why Mary Matters: Understanding the Place of Christ's Mother in Christianity is now available in paperback. This REVISED and EXPANDED EDITION includes an entirely new chapter, a study guide and much more. I have included the Preface to this second edition below. Enjoy! And don't forget to click the link and purchase your copy today!

Special Offer! If you make a verified purchase on Amazon and leave a positive review, I will send you an autographed copy of the book. Simply purchase the book on amazon, send me proof, and email me your name and address. That's it!


to the Second Edition

The very first edition of Why Mary Matters was a three-part

blog series I wrote on Google’s enduring platform: Blogger. I

wanted to shut down the blog but didn’t want to lose my


After discovering I could transform my blogs into eBooks on

Amazon, I was all-in. What better way to keep some of my

favorite articles, poems and musing in a perpetual format

available to my posterity!

What I did not expect, were readers. People downloading my

eBook (which was pretty cutting edge at the time) and

paying money to read my essays (which were now

considered “books”).

On top of that, I was receiving reviews (a few of which you

can read in the front material). Reviews stating that this little

book had changed their lives or had led them into a deeper

religious experience. I was blown away and began to feel a

deep sense of gratitude and purpose. So, I began converting

more of my blogs into eBooks (some of which never made it

to Amazon) and writing new material.

After several years of occasionally checking in on this little

book, I decided that I owed my readers, and anyone else

curious about the mother of our Lord, an expanded look into

the life of Mary. She does, as one commenter wrote,

deserves a deeper dive.

So, here’s what I did in this edition:

1. Added some of my favorite reviews (see above)

2. Added this Preface

3. Added Chapter 4 “Consider This”

4. Added a Guided Study for each chapter

5. Added a How the Guided Studies Work Section

6. Added a Guidelines for Leaders wishing to

incorporate this book into a small group/bible Study


7. Added a Sources section

I originally wrote the Why Mary Matters material from a

transitioning Evangelical’s perspective. Since that time, My

family and I joined the Orthodox Church and even helped to

pioneer Columbia, Tennessee’s first Orthodox Church, Saint


Since that time, my family and I moved to Florida and are

still looking for a “permanent” church home. We continue to

fellowship with other believers from different backgrounds

and in different locals, including non-denominational

churches, home gatherings, Anglican expressions and

personal encounters on the streets and beaches of Florida’s


All of that to say, that we enjoy a unique view of the church

in post-modern America, with all its mess and beauty. This

book is not an attempt to usher evangelicals into the ancient

faith, nor is it an effort to draw Catholic and Orthodox

practitioners into an evangelical expression. My hope is that

this little book can build bridges between all Christian faiths,

especially when it comes to our conversations about Mary.

I desire that Evangelicals open their hearts toward Mary and

embrace her continuing ministry. I hope that Catholic and

Orthodox believers can reach a greater understanding of

why they believe what they believe about Mary, and be able

to clearly explain it to their Evangelical friends and family

members. All of this, so we can keep making progress

toward the unity of faith.

One more thing. Even though most of my books are only available in digital format (trying to fix that presently), I love paper. I like to hold a book in my hand, feel its pages on my

fingertips, mark it, annotate its margins, break out the highlighters, fold the pages, make towers on my nightstand,

and eventually retire it to the shelf to be displayed as a trophy.

A book should be a battlefield.

Thus, the paperback edition, which has been long overdue. Apologies to my fellow book benders and paper feelers. As I write this, I’m actually a little giddy about holding this one in my hands, so I’ll quit rambling and end this Preface. I truly hope you enjoy this Second Edition of Why Mary Matters!

Because she does.



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