• Mark Whitten


In this video Mark shows that BEAUTY ANd MYSTERY await us in the Heavenly Realms and how we can participate in exploring those Heavenly Places with God as our guide. He demonstrates how Psalm 48 and other passages not only give us Biblical permission for ascension prayer and trans-dimensional participation in the Heavenly Realm, but also issues a command that many believers are not heeding.

Psalm 48:12-14 The Voice (VOICE)

12 Explore Zion; make an accounting,

note all her towers;

13 Reflect upon her defenses;

stroll through her palaces

So that you can tell the coming generation all about her.

14 For so is God,

our True God, forever and ever;

He will be our guide till the end.

Key Scripture Passages:

Psalm 48:12-14

Isaiah 2:2-6

Hebrews 12:22-24

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