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A Line in the Sand

Join Mark as he delivers a prophetic warning to pastors and ministry leaders as we face the coming 2020 Presidential election. Mark shares a vision and a dream concerning local churches and ministry leaders that expose how a man-pleasing spirit has crippled the local church's effectiveness in making true disciples. Get an inside look at how some pastors and ministry leaders are "taking the pulse" of their congregations through polling instead of hearing from the Holy Spirit to lead their congregations through the current political landscape. Learn how the 501c3, bloated staffs, and unnecessary building costs have emasculated leaders and trapped many congregations in a Babylonian system of fear and intimidation kept in check by cancel culture and the current mainstream narrative. A Line in the Sand serves as a "last chance" prophetic warning for leaders to make the shifts necessary to transition their congregations out of the Babylonian system of captivity and state control,

before it's too late.

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