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A Letter to My Friends [Part 3] (Or "The Sea, The Wilderness and the Harbor")

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

[part 3]

It took a fire.

A force beyond my fear of the sea

To wake me to the sea.

And so we went

With what children remained

And walked to the that little dock

That cradled a little boat

Not much bigger than the

One I set sail on so

Many years ago.

I did not call or write

To tell you I was coming,

Because after all these years,

What would it matter?

The sea was calling

But not just the sea was calling.

It was that which was on the other

side of the sea,

that was calling.

It was you that were calling.

Calling me.

When I had decided

That it would be best not to

Call. Yet your whisper lived

On in my heart. It was

You whose hook, forever planted in my

jaw, began to

Reel me from my comfy home.

To that deep and hellish space

Where we must face

What we’ve lost

What we’ve forgotten

And what must be redeemed.

And so I sailed again.

With my tiny crew. To you.

By utter faith.

That you might

At least

Welcome me home to your harbor.

With an unsure hug

And perhaps some noble memory

of who we were

Once as friends.

And maybe walk again

As brothers

Led this time, by Another,

Though wiser, and greyer, and kinder.

Part One of this poem can be found here. Part Two of this poem can be found here. This poem in its entirety can be found in Where the Wind Comes From: Poems by Mark T. Whitten

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