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Dear brothers and sisters,  I thought I might share a powerful Discipleship resource with you.  If you are not already familiar with the DBS (Discovery Bible Study), I hope that you will find the following resource of much value!

I just finished designing and publishing a brief, PDF manual that is free to download, explaining what DBS is, its core values, and easy implementation.  It can be used by anyone at any level to share the Gospel, grow in your relationship with God, or even start a home group.

As you will read, this study method is one of the tools the underground church is using all over the the world to multiply disciples rapidly! Please take, read, implement and share!

What are you doing to obey Jesus' command to make disciples? If nothing yet, the DBS tool will be a powerful catalyst to help you on your journey to obeying His command to make disciples!

Here’s the link!

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